Karen Mobley

Karen Mobley is a working artist and poet.  Her work is in numerous private and corporate collections. She reads and performs poetry at events through the region.

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Karen works in oil, watercolor and mixed media. Many of her pictures draw on images of water, sky and small elements in nature like plants, insects, or shells.

Recent Paintings


Karen is best known for her black and white charcoal drawings.  Drawings vary in size from small studies to large wall size or store window size drawings.

Recent Drawings

Past Work

Karen has been working in art since the early 1980’s when she attended the University of Oklahoma and received her MFA.  Here is a little smattering of work from the early years.

Past Work


Karen has published a number of works in local and regional publications,  Currently, Karen is working on a new manuscript, Trial by Ordeal.  Her book of drawings and poems, Prairie, Wind, Winter was published in 1993 with assistance from a grant from the Wyoming Arts Council.

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Karen has worked as an art consultant for arts organizations, private clients and architects since 2012.  Currently, she works with Spokane Arts, Spokane International Airport and many small businesses and individuals.  Her work ranges from public art project management, to grant and proposal development and to writing for art publications and artists.