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You left out the details,
and the directions
were confusing.
Try this, instead.
Go east on the freeway.
Don't drive too close to the construction.
Turn north on 95.
Skip the outlet mall.
Wait for the inlet.
When you get to the Kelso Lake turn off,
drive west for no reason.
Stop at the granite quarry
by the lake.

There is an outhouse,
a smoky campfire,
two kids fishing,
a truck filling with water,
and a flock of creaking
screen door birds with red wings.
Drive down the dirt road
until you get to the beautiful hollow barn
with swallows nesting in the hayloft.

Turn left at the old man
in the worn out Stetson.
Keep going to where
on the south side of the road
there are 20 bird houses on the fence,
two with western blue bird nests,
18 with swallows,
then slow down for the heron and the goslings.

Turn around and go back.
Then, of course, drive to Martin's Slough (slew)
To see a big frog
the size of a cheeseburger
a female bald eagle fly to the water
to cool herself in the brine.

Walk a bit to see deer tracks
and to see the two mother kill deer.
Drive through the trees,
see some houses and nests,
there the sheriff will stop you
when you block the road to look
at the osprey in her nest.

You might have remembered to tell me
about the llamas and the redheaded woodpecker,
the cemetery with its snapping American flags
and rattling chickadees.

Remind your visitors to bring a hat and a bird book,
wine and a covered dish.
Remember, that at the end of the road,
drive up the steep hill past the new house,
past the old house past the green roof,
the international flatbed truck,
and then to turn uphill
on the two lane road
turn up another steep hill
not to the new barn.

I almost forgot - thanks for the party.
I almost forgot - thanks for the party.