Washing Feet « Back

Stood at his feet, him weeping,
began to wash his feet with tears
wipe them with the hairs of her head
kissed and anointed his feet
with anointment.     -Luke 7:38

I see your face with its tears
your sadness stuck in your throat.
The earthquake that is you, Mom
speaks the language it knows -

There is nothing to do but wash your feet
- your black toes, sores, painful peeling skin
- in cool water. I washed your feet. Your skin came off.

I hid my tears and kiss you, hold you close.
You forgave me.

I know that you will never move again, hike
with your Audubon book and binoculars.
You will never dance or comb your own hair.
You are trapped here in your body like flies
stuck in anointment.

Rage seethes underneath my skin.
The whole world is broken.
I wait for the call that will tell us
that you have left our world
that the earthquake
has taken her birds
her sight
her pain.